Eastbourne’s Royal Sovereign Lighthouse Tower to be demolished after 50 years

Decommission and removal of the historical landmark was announced in 2019 due to the platform’s structural condition.

Eastbourne’s iconic lighthouse tower is set to be demolished over three summers beginning this year (2022) after representatives of the Trinity House Board made it known that they intended to award the contract for removal.

The Royal Sovereign Lighthouse tower has been in place since 1971 with some form of lighthouse being situated in that spot since the 1800s. Trinity House further announced that following removal, renovation work would take place to nearby Beachy Head Lighthouse.

The Beachy Head lighthouse is to receive more solar panels and a lantern with longer range to make up for the loss of the Royal Sovereign.

Placed in 1971, The lighthouse was originally manned by a crew of three, with living quarters provided on the lighthouse, who were in charge of the maintenance and operation of the lighthouse.

In 1994 the lighthouse was automated, the radio controls provided by Vodafone, though the platform was occupied from time to time and people were sometimes seen being helicoptered onto the platform.

Members of the local sailing clubs are being invited to the event, planned for Saturday, March 5, to give the tower the send off it deserves.

Sailors will congregate at the tower at around 1pm taking photos and saying their farewell before returning to shore for refreshments.

Whilst the removal of the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse is understandable, it will be a great loss to see such an iconic piece of the Sussex coast.

The Royal Sovereign Lighthouse used to have a crew of three onboard
The Royal Sovereign Lighthouse – Photo from Wikipedia