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Help Our Kelp

Sussex campaign launches first ever marine kelp rewilding initiative with support from Sir David Attenborough Sir David Attenborough lends his support to a pioneering campaign to restore a vast underwater kelp forest off the Sussex coast.  He voices the stunning Help Our Kelp campaign film, showcasing the wealth of wildlife […]

Climate emergency

For more than a year now, young people in the UK and beyond have been striking every Friday to demand decisive action on climate change.  Tomorrow, millions of adults will join the youth movement in a global climate strike to amplify their critical message: this is a climate emergency, and […]

Seaford Head Golf Course are pleased to announce that they are now signed up to Operation Pollinator.

Leading agriculture company Syngenta are supporting golf clubs over the coming seasons to establish and manage areas of pollen and nectar rich wildflower habitat that will provide essential food resources and nesting habitat for pollinators, including native bees, butterflies and other insects. The selected native wildflowers will also provide new visual […]