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·       79% of us say laughter has helped us get through lockdown while 25% say we value it more than ever before ·       Laughter and indulging in our favourite food (23%) makes us feel better than exercising (19%) ·       56% say laughing has helped us de-stress at this time, with 48% agreeing it’s […]

Cut back on alcohol

There has been a 21% increase in the frequency of alcohol consumption in the UK since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) lockdown. It has been suggested that stress and anxiety, as well as changes to our daily routine, are the reasons why some people are drinking more. Too much alcohol can be […]

Healthier Takeaways

Heart Research always have our best interests at heart literally so here are some ideas to think about before just ordering that favourite takeaway. The number of takeaway food outlets has risen in recent years and this may have contributed to the rise in rates of obesity in the UK. […]

Get cycling this Summer

Some more tips to stay healthy from the Heart Research people:- Regular physical activity will help you to maintain a healthy weight and keep your heart healthy. Cycling is a fun way to improve your overall health and wellbeing as well as enabling you to get out and explore your […]

Healthy Barbecuing

Just a few thoughts from the Heart Foundation to offer some alternative ideas for barbeques that are the healthy option. Summer is here and many of us are heading out to our gardens to fire up the barbecue. Some of the foods traditionally cooked on barbecues, such as burgers and […]

Heart healthy diet

More healthy tips from the Heart Foundation, and perhaps not just for those with heart problems. Keeping to a healthy diet can only be good for all of us. Over seven million people in the UK are living with heart or circulatory disease. By eating a healthy diet, getting plenty […]


It’s National Epilepsy Week (18 – 24 May). Every year since 1958, people with epilepsy have united this week to tell others about the condition. This year is no different. Case studies and spokespeople from across the regions are available for interview. As lockdown continues, the charity Epilepsy Action is celebrating […]


The rise of our canine companions as ‘four legged therapists’ during lockdown The UK has always been a nation of dog lovers but our pooches are helping us more than ever not only just to survive modern life but actually thrive in it. We are increasingly turning to our four-legged friends […]