Cabinet Councillors Agree Sea Wall Repairs

Cabinet Councillors at Lewes District Council today agreed to allocate £80,000 to urgent sea wall repairs in Peacehaven.

The 70m long concrete structure is one of 19 groynes protecting the cliffs from erosion and many hundreds of homes and other key assets. However, ‘groyne 19’ is particularly exposed to large waves due to its easterly position and this has resulted in significant damage to the face of the sea wall.

Councillor Isabelle Linington, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said:

“To reduce the risk of the damaged area increasing in size we hope to have the repair completed before the worst of the winter conditions arrive, but this will depend on favourable weather and tides.”

The work will be carried out by specialised civil engineering experts and is expected to extend the life of the defences for approximately another 20 years.

Councillor Andy Smith, Leader of Lewes District Council, said:

“While the council does not have a statutory duty to maintain coastal defences, we do have permissive powers to protect the coast from erosion and having considered all the factors in this case we agreed that the necessary funds should be allocated to it.

“The district council is also working on a multi-agency basis to develop long-term options that address the challenges posed by coastal erosion. These findings will be ultimately considered by the Environment Agency, the body responsible for building new sea defenses.”