Lewes Asb Op Blitz Update

Update from Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March.

Op Blitz weekend team was formed of four PCSO’s from Lewes C section, patrols covered the areas in and around Lewes, with costal patrols extended through Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford.

Friday evening started with a few reports of youths causing a disturbance at the Hub in Newhaven, officers attended and although no youths could be seen, Officers continued to patrol around the area to prevent further disturbances; as this has become an area of heightened ASB over the last few months.

Officers stayed out till the small hours battling the wind, and are pleased to report that no further issues were reported during our time in Newhaven.

Patrols continued late into the night across the coast, including Lewes and surrounding areas, with no further calls to the Op Blitz mobile.

Our Saturday evening began with calls again to the Hub in Newhaven. Officers made their way to KFC in Newhaven to be met by about 25 youths causing a disturbance and nuisance in the area.

Staff at the KFC were spoken to and together with staff, officers took the time to engage with all parties involved, words of advice given to all involved. Although a large group, taking everything into consideration and positively engaging, all involved were of good spirits and happily dispersed of their own free will causing no further disturbances.

Op Blitz was later contacted on the Blitz phone with concerns regarding a group causing anti-social behaviour in Lewes town centre. We spoke to the caller, and the team began making their way back to Lewes where the reported areas were patrolled, we touched base with the informant, and all concerns were logged to take back to prevention team for a more in depth consideration.

Calls to the Op Blitz team over the weekend are answered and responded to directly by assigned officers; all reports and calls that come in to the Blitz mobile contribute to building a picture of the ASB in your local area and assist officers in planning their future patrols.