Annecy Catholic Primary School appoints new Headteacher, Mr Paul Gallagher.

Following exceptional Key Stage 2 results in 2018 – the best in Seaford and well above the national average – Annecy Catholic Primary School has announced the appointment of a new Headteacher, Mr Paul Gallagher.
Mr Gallagher brings with him years of broad experience in a variety of fields. He worked in the recruitment industry prior to becoming a teacher, and whilst teaching has taught in posts as far apart as Manchester, Uganda, Italy and Brunei.
He joined Annecy in January 2018 as interim Deputy Head and has been instrumental in a remarkable transformation at the Sutton Avenue school. The appointment has been met with overwhelming approval by parents, with some referring to the new Headteacher as a ‘super hero’ and crediting him with turning not just the school around, but the lives of the children as well.
The Chair of Governors was equally pleased, “As governors, working within the Bosco Catholic Education Trust, we are delighted to have appointed Mr Gallagher as Headteacher. He was the stand out candidate and has already proven his worth to the school in a short period of time. We are very excited about the future for the school and for the children entrusted to our care”
Paul Gallagher said: “‘I am incredibly proud and excited to be appointed in a permanent role as Headteacher at Annecy. I want this to be the best school in the country and I am very lucky to have a team that matches my ambition.”
“I want to lead a school that acts on the belief that all can succeed, not some or many. We strive for academic excellence, but not to the detriment of other areas of the curriculum. I really favour a holistic approach that focuses on issues such as well-being and mental health, as well as the more familiar topics in the primary curriculum. We’re equally keen that achievements of women and people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities should be an important feature of what Annecy pupils learn, both within the curriculum and beyond.’
“I am looking forward to implementing an array of new initiatives to help us achieve all this and build upon the excellent work that’s been done throughout the school over the past 18 months.”