Op Blitz – Tackling Anti-social behaviour in your local areas.

Friday 5th April started around 1800 hours, with Officers focusing patrols to being in and around the Lewes and Seaford areas, owing to ongoing youth issues, cars being broken into or damaged and the fun fair being in town in Seaford.

First port of call was the Malling field and community hall, this was due to recent reports being received of youths being anti-social and smoking cannabis. As the team arrived both PCSO’s McNirlan and Kent were dropped off by the skate park, whilst PCSO’s Hart and Collins headed towards the community hall.

Whilst PCSO’s McNirlan and Kent were engaging with the youths at the skate park, the other half of the OP Blitz team came across 2 youths about to smoke some cannabis, both youths opened up to us around why they smoke cannabis. They were duly educated whilst officers awaited our response colleague to come and carry out a search.

Op Blitz team headed over to Ringmer following a call received that youths were causing trouble on Anchor Field, on attendance the group had already dispersed, but the team had the chance to engage with some of the local residents who have been affected by the groups causing issues.

After leaving Ringmer the team headed back to Lewes to carry out patrols around the rest of the areas set out as the tasking’s. Information took them to North Street following information about youths damaging cars. After a drive around North Street and the surrounding areas, Officers didn’t locate the youths but did come across another group who had just left Starfish. They were more than happy to engage and tell talk to the team about what activities they had been doing this evening, all very interesting!

The team continued to Peacehaven and the big park following a text received on the Blitz phone about off road bikes, following an area search there was no trace. Following this Officers headed to Seaford and checked around the Fun fair at closing time, groups were monitored, and no issues later on to be seen as it was now closing down for the night.

Another call came in on the Op Blitz mobile for some youths causing trouble in Tesco so the team went to deal with that and upon approach saw a group of kids who immediately starburst. However Officers caught up with a few of them by the train station and got names of others in the group. Due to the incident requiring a crime report, both PCSO Collins and McNirlan were dropped back at the station to write it up whilst PCSO’s Hart and Kent continued one last patrol around the town before heading back to sign off around midnight.

Saturday Night’s Op Blitz started a little later owing to tasking’s, but Officers got out around 1930, starting Malling Fields Skate Park – PC Ross PCSO HORSCROFT AND PCSO Nicholson and
DISNEY saw some Youths at the skate park playing music and playing on scooters.

Officers stopped by for a chat, everyone was in good spirits and no issued being caused, the group was even game for a bit of role playing ‘cops and robbers’ style with the team.

The team continued their evening through Ringmer – The Green, Bishops Lane and surrounding areas owing to recent ASB issues, Officers spoke to residents how popped out to say hello. Officers patrolled up from bishops lane to Broyle lane due to local ASB that has been reported by residents.

A small group youths were out on their bikes but not causing any issues, thumbs up for sporting helmets and working lights which the team were happy to see.

From Ringmer Op Blitz headed towards the coast via Glynde to Newhaven to ceck out some of the local hotspots for youth related ASB. First stop being McDonalds, PCSO Nicholson and Disney spoke to management who said they haven’t had any issues this evening, the Op Blitz mobile number was given to the duty manager in store should they experience any issues later in the evening.

Next stop was a patrol through Newhaven High Street and Dacre Road car park owing to on going issues in both areas, nothing to report from either of these locations, so PCSO Nicholson and PCSO Disney took a foot patrol around parts of Denton where there has been some issues with drugs and youth related ASB. Officers are pleased to report there was no issues again in either of these areas.

Seaford High Street was given attention, and officers stuck around for a bit speaking to business owners about Op Blitz, fortunately the High street which quite was quiet, so the team made their way to Crouch Gardens which is another area which gets reports of youth ASB and other drug related ASB.

PCSO Horscroft , Nicholson, Disney and PC Ross walked through Crouch Gardens, no issues to report, so next stop was Chalvington Gardens/Rec due to Youth ASB and criminal damage that has been committed in this area of Seaford. Reassurance advice given to residents and walkers and Officers are pleased to report there were no issues this evening in either areas.

A call came in from the control room for a house party that contained youths drinking and drug taking. The Blitz team made their way over, a further report came in that the group were fighting, so a Response unit was assigned, Blitz team attended that way in case they need assistance.

It transpired that the party was being supervised by adults and no drinking or drugs were involved.

Other areas patrolled this evening included the Meridian Centre, Lewes High Street and Newhaven retail park, with high visibility patrols being carried out through the District in our continued efforts to tackle and prevent ASB in your local area.