As featured in previous news the Running Order for the Armed Forces day which takes place on June 29th has been announced.

See previous article 26th April 2019.

An innovation this year is that the parade will assemble in Place Lane at midday before marching on to Martello Fields.

At noon the parade leaves Place Lane, right into Broad Street, right into High Street, then to the Causeway to the Seafront where a stop will be made to allow the Veterans to join the parade for the salute at the Martello Tower.

The parade will then march onto the Martello Fields for inspection at 12.45.

The parade dismisses at 13.00 but that is not the end of the day as there are a variety of stalls and displays including a Tug of War at 13.40 as well as a beer tent.

The Martello Field will be open from 11.00am.

This is a very special day that deserves every support.