Police response to bike thefts and ASB

Following recent reports of bike thefts from teenagers at the new Pumptrack in Newhaven, Lewes Prevention have upped their patrols to the area, and are working with NeighbourHood First to tackle the issue.

The new Skatepark has been a very welcomed facility for residents of Newhaven, regrettably we have received reports of bikes being taken from users in the area, and reports of youth related ASB. Patrols have been extended and Lewes Prevention team are looking to set up a bike marking event at the Pumptrack to help bike owners protect their property going forward.

Crime prevention techniques such as using a more solid lock, not leaving your bike unattended when leaving the park can all help towards preventing further thefts.

Once a date and time has been set up for bike registrations we will post out on social media and In The Know to allow bike users to make arrangements for the event.