Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Last weekend’s Operation Blitz was made up of Officers from Lewes Prevention; PC Holt and PCSOs Collins, Hart and Willson. The weekend saw eventful evenings for the Blitz team; with taskings and a number of calls across the district.

Friday evening’s target areas were a split between Seaford, Lewes and Ringmer.

The Blitz patrol was initially divided to take care of some outstanding work from the afternoon, after a short time the Blitz patrol regrouped, and moved down to Seaford, Crouch gardens around 7pm.

All was quiet in Seaford and the team were thankful the hot sun had eased off from earlier in the day. After a leisurely lap of the grounds, and passing Blitz contact details to residents out walking, the patrol moved on to their next location.

The next stop was Splash Point on Seaford seafront around 7:30pm, to a group of youths on the hill, on the way up to the Cliffs. Following concerns for safety, Officers stopped and spoke with the group who were all in good spirits, and Officers had no further concerns; a check of the hill revealed no evidence of drug taking or underage drinking.

The team then stopped by at The Salts recreation ground, whilst PC Holt spoke to the cricket club about recent damage to the club, whilst PCSO’s spoke to younger groups playing American football.

Of course PCSO Willson being a keen sportsman threw a few decent spirals for the team!

After reassurance visits, and patrols around the neighbouring areas, Officers then moved on to Ringmer around 9:30pm for some patrols around the Village and Skate park following recent reports of youth related ASB.

Officers are pleased to report no issues this evening, and gave the back roads of Ringmer a good drive though before heading back to Lewes.

Saturday saw Officers headed to Ringmer following a report of a group of youths inside a building site. An area search was conducted but no groups was seen.

Whilst in Ringmer Officers picked up the areas Friday’s Op Blitz team had visited, offering further reassurance and visibility to residents following recent reports of youth related ASB.

Officers spoke with a number of residents about their concerns, and contact details for the Op Blitz team were shared should residents witness any ASB or youth related ASB issues during the remainder of the shift.

Heading off from Ringmer, Officers were called to the Pells area of groups of youths causing issues, and breaking equipment. On attendance no such groups were seen, and an area search was conducted. A second group came to the attention of officers however unrelated and turned out only to be a group of young kids enjoying themselves in a nearby garden.

Later in the evening a call was received to attend Seaford re noise from party, Officers made their way over and spoke to residents. No Police related offences were noted.