Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Operation Blitz on Friday 05/07/2019 started with PCSO Horscroft and PC Goudie patrolling Lewes, Friars Walk, Landport and Ringmer due to recent burglaries and anti-social behaviour in the area, before heading up to the rural villages of Barcombe and Newick for high visibility patrols.

They then received a phone call on the Blitz phone about a male driving his moped on the Recreation Ground in Walmer Road and Chibgton Avenue, Seaford, on arrival they met a local resident who wanted to show them a recording of the incident, unfortunately they could not identify the person, but she was very pleased to see them.
They then drove towards Newhaven to pick up PCSO Nicholson and PCSO Marchant as they had a few tasks down on the coast. Whilst in Newhaven they patrolled some of the youth anti-social behaviour hotspots like the Skate Park in Fort Road. They did have a bit of a struggle to get to many of the areas they were planning on covering during the shift as a result of road works – the Newhaven Swing bridge was closed for resurfacing so getting towards Seaford was difficult so they stayed coastal to carry out bail checks in Newhaven and Peacehaven.
They then headed back to Lewes after a Blitz call about a party near Church Lane, upon arrival everything was calm and quiet. They conducted a few patrols around the town and then they headed off home for the night.

This brings us on to Saturday nights Blitz where PCSOs Horscroft, Nicholson, Marchant and PC Goudie headed off to Newhaven after getting a report of youths causing anti-social behaviour in the skate park near Shakespeare Hall. Lots of youths were spoken too and asked to play nice and pick up their litter, we did not witness any issues whilst we were there.

We then popped down to Seaford to complete a welfare check of a male. After this we had a quick refreshment break before heading off to carry out some bail checks in Newhaven.

We then made our way towards the Lewes area to patrol our local anti-social behaviour hotspots. We patrolled Friars Walk, Landport, Tescos and Malling Fields. We then headed down to Ringmer for extra visibility patrols after burglary incidents that happened a few nights ago.

After Ringmer we headed back to the Coast and patrolled the Hollow after the Parish Council emailed PCSO Nicholson about someone possibly living in a Tent down there. From Newhaven we went up to Peacehaven to carry out further bail checks.

We then proceeded towards The Big Park and Boleny Avenue after receiving reports of youths on dirt bikes causing anti-social behaviour. Southern Water were kind enough to let us through the barrier so we could patrol the park, however, no bikes were seen on this occasion.

We then headed back towards McDonalds in Newhaven and then onto Seaford after reports of people using drugs in the church yard on the junction of Church street and Place Lane.

Finally, we received a phone call on the Blitz phone about a house party that had gone out of control so we headed there next. The party was quieting down and there was a responsible adult present. After covering such a large area tonight we headed back towards Lewes for a few patrols of the town before booking off for the evening.