‘Burnt-out’ Britain Baffled by Tackling Exhaustion

  • This exhaustion is causing issues in our day-to-day relationships as more than half (51%) have argued with their partner, 32% have shouted at their kids and 23% have missed work
  • Over a third (37%) admit they don’t know how to eat healthily, with a further 27% saying they’re confused about it

As new research finds nearly nine in ten (89%) Brits have suffered ‘burnout’ in the last month, growing misconceptions and myths around how to tackle the effects of exhaustion could be leading to a much wider problem.

The study, commissioned by Savsé, found that over a third (37%) admit they simply don’t know what to eat in order to stay healthy, with a further 27% saying they’re often confused by it. This often leads to a vicious cycle of exhaustion as we tackle the problem with the wrong remedies.

The research found that the main myths and misconceptions Brits believe to be true are detoxing (22%), having high protein diets (26%), believing all fats are bad (10%) and avoiding smoothies due to a perceived high sugar content (22%).

Further, being tired and lethargic all the time is causing problems in our day-to-day lives, with more than half (51%) arguing with their partners, nearly a third (32%) shouting at their children and almost a quarter (23%) missing work.

While we are quite good at recognising the symptoms of ‘burnout’ such as being really tried despite getting enough sleep (75%), body aching for no reason (56%) and loss of appetite (42%), it seems we remain baffled by how we should be correctly tackling the issue.

The concerning rise of this problem has led the World Health Organisation (WHO) to officially classify ‘burnout’ as legitimate diagnosis in May of this year. This will certainly be good news for the nearly seven in ten (70%) Brits who automatically assume their exhaustion is due to stress.

In fact, small changes to diet and the way we approach daily nutrition can go a much longer way to ensuring our well-being is in as good a shape as possible.