Your reporter was recently handed this list of thirty top songs as compiled by Rolling Stone Magazine which actually dates from 2014. Interesting to note that being Rolling Stone Magazine ” Like a Rolling Stone ” by Bob Dylan tops the list, followed by “Satisfaction ” from the Rolling Stones second.

The remainder appear to old favourites from the fifties and sixties and into the seventies, the only exception being Nirvana who appear at number 9 with “Seems like team spirit” from 1991. The rest are Beatles, Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, an appearance by Hendrix at 17 with “Purple Haze” and a smattering of Motown with Johnny Cash bringing up the rear with “Iwalk the Line”

Many would feel this could be improved on, so lets do our own.

Send me your top three to:- and let’s compile our own chart of all time greats-music didn’t stop in 1979 as you will know if you keep listening!