Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Operation Blitz on 03/08/2019 started at the Malling Fields recreation ground at around 7.45pm, where historically there have been issues with anti-social behaviour, however, on this evening the park was empty and there were no issues seen.

At around 8.15pm the Police patrol arrived at Normansal Park, Seaford, where there have been reports of vehicle anti-social behaviour. A member of the public who parks there on a regular basis who had not experienced any anti – social behaviour in the area.

The other regular hotspot locations of McDonalds and KFC were very quiet during a check which was conducted at around 8.30pm.

The next stop was at Shakespeare Hall, which had a few children using the skate park having fun, a few stopped and had a chatted with the patrol and no issues were witnessed at this location.