ISLE Be There For You

  • Nearly Half of Brits have never visited any of the British Isles outside of mainland England
  • Over half (58%) of Brits couldn’t point to the Isle of Wight on a map despite it being the UKs most visited islands
  • Two in five (40%) think there are less than ten British Isles – there are in fact 187
  • 71% of Brits say they don’t consider themselves as an ‘islander’

Great Britain has 187 hidden gems sitting right on our door steps that Brits seem to be ignoring. Whether it would be visiting the world’s smallest chapel in Guernsey or taking the family to see some puffins in the Shetland Islands it seems we’re missing a trick as nearly half (49%) of Brits have never visited any of them.

Further, a third of Brits (33%) when asked couldn’t even identify Great Britain on a map, with nearly two in five (35%) of people not being able to identify Ireland. To make matters worse nearly half of the UK have never even heard of Guernsey!

According to new research by Premier Inn one in 12 (8%) hadn’t heard of any of the islands that surround Great Britain despite Brits now wanting a ‘middi-break’ without the long-haul flight and opting for an island getaway instead.

Perhaps the reason 71% of Brits don’t consider themselves an islander is because they are unaware of the multitude of things to see and do including:

  • Get spooked by tales at the ruins of the Isle of Man’s Peel Castle
  • Taste the Oysters on Mersea Island
  • Avoid the traffic in the car free island of Herm that is just half a mile wide, and a mile and a half long
  • Indulge in homemade ice cream from the famous Jersey cows.