Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Operation Blitz this weekend started with a patrol of Landport and Ringmer

Then moved on to Peacehaven where the patrol came across an elderly male who was lost, where they helped him return home to his family safe and well.

The next stop was to Telescombe cliffs due to youths jumping in the sea. Concerns were raised due to the extremely rough weather and Police were worried for their safety. On attendance Police spoke to the youths, gave them words of advice and they left the area.

Police were then called to Seaford due to a report that there was a fight occurring in the street. On attendance the situation with the males was dealt with appropriately and Police continued their patrols around the Seaford area.

There was a later call back to Seaford due to another fight whereby a local shop had been damaged, Police attended and an individual was arrested in relation to this incident.