Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Operation Blitz on Friday evening 6th September was conducted by PCSO Marchant. The evening started with a call to a high risk missing person in the Hailsham area at approximately 6pm. fortunately, the missing person was located just as officers arrived in Hailsham.

There has been a series of incidents during the course of the week in the Newhaven area and therefore the main priority on this weekend’s Operation Blitz was to show a presence there and to deter any anti – social behaviour. Officers patrolled the relevant hotspots including the town centre, the pump track and West Quay.

At 7pm PCSO Marchant and PCSO Brown patrolled the High Street and checked the local multi storey car park. Throughout the patrols no youths were seen, which was unusual for a Friday evening. After around fifteen minutes officers decided to patrol in a vehicle, predominantly Harpers Road, due to recent reports suggesting that drug dealing was occurring in the area.

Although the officers did not witness any drug dealing they did engage with members of the public whilst there and asked whether they had any further information that could assist us in tackling the issue and they appreciated seeing our presence in the area.

The officers then headed West towards Peacehaven at around 8pm where they patrolled the Meridian Centre. They did not see any youths and then continued on to the Big Park due to reports of anti-social behaviour involving youths on mini motos. There were a few kids playing in the park and some dog walkers, but no issues were observed whilst officers were there.

At around 8.15pm they headed back towards Newhaven Town Centre and once again, devoid of youths. The multi storey car park was empty, as was West Quay and The Pump Track.

They then made their way to Lewes and spoke to staff at the Subway Sandwich Emporium at around 9pm due to them experiencing anti-social behaviour during the week. The staff stated that they had not experienced any issues throughout the evening and everything was in order. Staff at Tesco’s in Lewes were spoken too and they as well had not experienced any anti – social behaviour incidents during the evening.

A further visit to the Big Park in Peacehaven resulted in the officers taking the details of an individual on a 125cc bike. Although the individual was not riding it in a manner to cause alarm and distress, they did have a discussion as to how it was not permitted to drive a motorcycle on private property.

Newhaven was again visited and officers stayed in the town and surrounding vicinity from 10.30pm, once again, no youths were seen.

At 11pm the officers received a call on the Blitz phone from a resident in Lewes. They had been spooked by a group of youths down near the Pells open air swimming pool. They drove up to Lewes and removed a group of youths from the children’s play park, words of advice were given and they were sent on their way.

The officers returned to Newhaven for at around 11.45pm where they concluded the Operation Blitz shift for Friday night.

Operation Blitz on Saturday evening 7th September started at 5.30pm where PCSO Brown and PC Goudie carried out a mobile patrol of the northern villages of Lewes District.
There were no youth related incidents so they concentrated on Ringmer, predominately as it had a fun fair on the village green. Whilst this was being carried out PCSO Marchant was on the coast at The Meridian Centre Peacehaven, carrying out a foot patrol and collecting CCTV regarding an assault there the previous day.

At 8pm the officers carried out directed patrols in Newhaven, concentrating on the skate park and pump track. Once again empty with no youths present and therefore no issues at the time.

At around 8.45pm the officers carried out patrols at the dock, continuing onto the town, and although members of the public were present they did not witness any untoward activity.

Between 8.50pm and 9.20pm the officers carried out mobile patrols across the town including the usual hotspot locations for anti-social behaviour, however there was an absence of youths and activity within the town centre.

The Officers then returned to Newhaven at just gone 11pm where they were called to a road traffic collision on Arundel Road where they assisted for the rest of the evening.