Lewes High Street Traders Association: Light Up Lewes!

For many years Lewes has bemoaned its lack of Christmas lights, but that situation could change! It is hoping to see the launch of a Christmas lighting display that will do it justice as the historic County Town of East Sussex.

Through the year, the Lewes High Street Traders Association (the LHSTA) has worked hard to liaise with a major festive lighting company and has proposed a comprehensive scheme that will encompass the main streets of the town centre and a spectacular ‘ceiling of lights’ at the top of School Hill. Support has been pledged from Town and District Councils and other bodies, as well as the Association’s members.

The scheme is ambitious, with many legalities and technical hurdles still to overcome, and will need the support of local businesses and residents alike if it is to become a reality. The plan is to implement the scheme over a period of time, and the speed of the roll out will depend on the level of support from the community as a whole. Watch out for further publicity giving opportunities for everyone to join in the campaign to light up Lewes!

Or c/o Town Hall, Lewes

Or through our website www.leweshighstreettraders.co.uk