Recent Bike and Scooter Marking Events

Lewes police are pleased to say so far all of their bike and scooter marking events have gone down very well across the district.

With the first event in Newhaven a few weeks ago, Lewes last week, and Newhaven again this Friday (20th September); they have already spoken to, and helped over 100 young adults, children and some parents mark their bicycles and scooters against theft.

These events were organised by Lewes PCSO Turvey and Lewes Police Sergeant Reynolds in response to a spate of bike and scooter thefts across the Lewes district earlier in the year.

As a result of these events, bike and scooter users now have their property marked and registered on the UK national property register database – benefits of registration include:

  • Immobilise helps Police identify the owners of recovered property thousands of times everyday.
  • Helps to combat the sale of stolen gadgets & valuables
  • Simplify insurance claims and Police reports with certificates of ownership

This online checking service is used thousands of times each day by UK Police forces to trace owners of lost and stolen property.

As a direct result of Immobilise there are hundreds of cases a week where property is returned or information collected that assists the Police in investigating criminal activity involving stolen good, visit today to register your property against theft.