Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

The weather this weekend came with heavy winds and rain showers and had a big impact on the number of youths seen.

There was a large number of uniformed officers on the coastal area this weekend in order to tackle recent anti – social behaviour issues across the district, so the Blitz team decided to focus on Lewes for the evening.

This evening though, due to the inclement weather, the area was devoid of youths, or anyone else for that matter. This check took place at 7pm and officers spent approximately 15/20 minutes in the area to ensure that we were correct and any anti-social behaviour was not present.
There were a few smokers outside Fuego Lounge , adjacent to Friars Walk, toughing out the weather on the pavement, but none of the usual  youths.

They came across a homeless lady and with the weather being what it was, went to check on this female. She was as well as could be expected and offered help to services, however, this was declined.

A brief check of Cliffe High Street at 7.45pm where there was just a few pub goers scuttling towards their destinations under a well-positioned brolly.

A quick run up the High Street had similar, different pubs, different people, but all sporting similar head ware to keep the rain at bay.

Officers had a slow drive up Newhaven High Street at 10.30pm, where once again the pub goers were out, this time in just Tee Shirts!!


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