Winter months -Operation Magpie – Winter burglary awareness advice.

Christmas – Christmas is a time for giving…but sadly for taking, too!

Police will be working hard over Christmas to keep you and your family safe, but here are a few simple steps you can take to protect your home, presents and loved ones this festive season.

When you are out shopping please remember: –

Keep valuables in inside coat pockets or internal zips in bags to prevent pickpockets

-Only carry the cash you need, do not carry large amounts with you

-Avoid going back to your car to drop off presents part way through your trip, if you do keep presents in the car ensure they are well out of sight and the car/boot is locked When you’re out in the evening:

-Never leave your valuables unattended in public areas

-Avoid walking home alone in the dark, and never with someone that you do not know

-Drink responsibly, never drink and drive, arrange for a taxi or a designated driver for the evening When you are at home:

-Don’t leave presents under your Christmas tree if they are visible from windows or doors

-Never keep large amounts of cash at home

-Check you have adequate home insurance to cover high value items -Make sure your home looks occupied, leave a light on or a timer light or radio playing

After Christmas:

– Avoid becoming an easy target for post-holiday burglars/robbers by not leaving boxes for new electronics and other items outside your wheelie bin; break down boxes, and remove labels before putting inside a wheelie bin -Register your newly gifted items with your home insurance provider and with property registering websites such as

– if your valuables are stolen it will allow you to tell the police, your insurer and second-hand traders to assist in recovering your property and catch the thieves

Winter months -Operation Magpie – Winter burglary awareness advice.

With the nights now drawn in and people gearing up Christmas, it the perfect opportunity for burglars to spot empty homes and target valuable items.

Follow the top tips to keep you and your property safe:-Leave a light on, or leave a radio or music device on to give the impression someone is home -Always check you have closed all windows and doors before going out -Consider security lighting or motion sensor lighting, or a use a light timer when out

-Use home security apps on your phone to set light timers, or consider installing an indoor camera which can be monitored or controlled from your mobile phone

-Don’t advertise and empty home via social media To help protect yourself this Winter, please read crime prevention advice online: