Are Doggy Bags Off The Menu?

  • 23% of UK adults would feel embarrassed about asking for a doggy bag to take home leftovers
  • 21% say the doggy bag makes them think of either of dog waste or dog food and most young adults don’t think it’s an accurate term
  • Each year over 10m tonnes of food is thrown away and it is estimated to be worth £17 billion a year

How many times have you been out for a meal and not been able to finish it? With restaurants serving up generous portion sizes, we are often left with the dilemma of whether we leave good food on the plate or ask the waiting staff for a doggy bag.

Only 40% always finish all the food they order, meaning that 60% contribute to the 10 million tonnes of food thrown away every year in the UK, valued at an estimate of £17 billion a year*.

But with more people unlikely (43%) than likely (37%) to take leftovers home with them, according to Food waste fighting app Too Good To Go, and almost one in four (23%) saying they would feel embarrassed asking for a doggy bag clearly change is needed.

Perhaps it is the perception some people have of the term doggy bag – 21% of people say it makes them think of either dog waste or dog food, while a further 47% think that the term is outdated.

Savvy diners often serve up the previous night’s leftovers for breakfast or their main meal the following day, thus saving money and reducing waste into the bargain.