Operation Blitz coverage weekend of the 27th to 28th November 2019.

Operation Blitz this weekend was conducted by PC’s Hall, and Holt, and PCSO’s Willson and Ash.

The evening began shortly after 4pm with the team heading down to the coast following recent ongoing issues with known youths in and around the area.

Officers gave high visibility patrols to the town centre, and spoke to shop owners who were closing up for the weekend, giving them security advice following business burglaries last week in the district, as well as business burglaries that have been happening outside our district, in the lead up to Christmas.

All was quiet on the high street Newhaven, so the team gave patrol to the bridge area and surrounding areas, including a visit to the skate park, Fort Road. Other than a group of young adults and a few parents, there were no issues in the park, and the team are pleased to report that no calls were received to the area of the park and surrounds during the course of the weekend.

Before heading to other areas, the team attended a call to the Dacre Road, car park in Newhaven, a group of youths had been reported causing issues and a nuisance in the car park. On arrival a small group of young teens were located by officers, and a search was conducted. Officers seized a bottle of vodka belonging to one of the youths, all of who were under age; as a result stern words of advice were given following the seizure, and the group requested to return home. Officers monitored the group to ensure they complied and did return home.

A handful of Police bail checks were conducted on known youths in the area, all of who were adhering to their conditions set, so the team turned their direction to Seaford and Peacehaven.

Seaford following recent issues with a number of groups causing anti-social behaviour and criminal damage to properties; including throwing eggs and other objects at homes and businesses in the area. Some of those affected were visited over the evening as part of our ongoing checks to offer reassurance and support to victims of anti-social behaviour in the area.

No groups were seen in Seaford, however the team gave both Richmond Crescent, Richmond Road, and Stafford Road a high visibility presence, speaking to residents about follow up checks on the issues addressed, and passed contact details to those affected should there be further incidents during the course of the weekend. No reports of egg throwing were received this weekend.

Peacehaven, following anti-social riding, and damage to residents cars the team headed over to the big park and surrounds around 1900 hours; the most reported time for this type of ASB reported to us. A small group of teens were in the park, none of which were causing issues and were happy to speak to officers about problems in the area. A few names were given to us as a result, which may assist officers in their ongoing investigations into problems in the area, and give them valuable intel going forward.

The team parked up close to the Meridian Centre, and made checks around the entrances following a reported break in last week to one of the businesses inside, and checked security around the centre, before leaving the coast for Lewes.