Sussex Police Launches First Ever Fast-Track Detective Development Programme

As crime and technology evolves, the need for investigative roles in Sussex is greater and more important than it’s ever been. As a result Sussex Police is investing in the attraction and development of detectives and investigators across the county and Monday (06 January 2020) saw the launch of its first degree holders’ Fast-Track Detective Development Programme.
Being a detective is demanding, diverse and fulfilling. From cyber-crime, domestic abuse and child protection, through to homicide, high level drugs importation and serious organised crime; a detective helps solve some of the most serious crimes possible. Analysing the evidence, interviewing suspects, taking cases to court; it’s about uncovering the truth.
The Fast Track Detective Development Programme is an innovative two-year practice based approach aimed at existing degree holders of any subject areas. Successful recruits will be employed as a police officer from day one, gaining valuable experience of the police officer role while studying towards their accreditation as a detective.
Detective Chief Superintendent, Steve Boniface, Head of Crime for Sussex Police said: “We’ve taken significant steps internally to identify and promote the detectives of the future; however, we’re also looking at new ways to bring those who are interested in investigations, yet may not have considered a policing career, into our organisation.
“Through this exciting and innovative development programme, those with degrees are able to undertake an intensive two-year learning approach, specialising in the investigative function, and work towards their detective accreditation. I’m delighted to launch this new entry route today and welcome applications from those who want to help make a difference, together.”
Being a detective is a critical role in our ability to keep communities safe and feeling safe, identifying and protective vulnerable people, preventing and responding to harm and, most importantly, getting justice for victims of crime. We’re looking for degree-holders with the compassion to help build trusting relationships; the tenacity to see a case through from start to finish; the desire to lock up the bad people and the emotional resilience to keep calm, yet confident.
In return, successful recruits are promised a good starting salary, great learning experiences, opportunity for progression through the ranks or within specialist fields such as Major Crime or Public Protection, a graduate diploma in professional policing practice and the sense of pride that comes from getting results for others.
Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said: “I hope that this recruitment campaign will encourage a new group of diverse and brilliant individuals to help contribute to this vital area of policing.
“Detectives ensure effective investigations, identifying and pursuing criminals using cutting edge technology and traditional skills. All police forces – including Sussex – need to improve their solved rates to increase community confidence and protect our most vulnerable residents. Increasing the number of specialist trained officers will do much to achieve this.
“This is a great opportunity to make a real difference and there is no limit to where this career can take you.”
If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a detective, or know someone who has, then apply now.