End of an era as historic cinema closes

The Curzon Cinema which has been a landmark in Eastbournes Langney Road closed it’s doors for the last time on Thursday January 16th after a final showing of Cats and Last Christmas.

This retro style cinema was not just a place to watch a film, it was a walk into a bygone world when a cinema was a cinema and not a trip to a mass produced multiplex.

To pass through the entrance with it’s old style pillars sheltering the felt board showing the film times with removable plastic letters into the splendid foyer where one buys a proper paper ticket one just becomes absorbed into a bygone time. The pictures and posters on display tell a story of when cinema was great and one could just wallow in the nostalgia of it all.

One can be picky and say that the old style retro red velvet seats were not the best around but the auditorium was more than adequate and the sound surprisingly good.

Hard to believe that there would have been queues snaking down the street to see the latest releases. But times change and the the new Cineworld opening just round the corner can’t have helped.

The staff, most of whom have been there several years feel the sadness of closure, especially as they will all have no job today.

The picture of the the hundred year old historic cinema comes courtesy of Trip advisor and shows us what we will be missing.

But is this a sympton of the changing Eastbourne; T J Hughes already closed and Debenhams closing it’s doors this Sunday 19th January and the empty shell of the burnt out seafront Claremont hotel?