Modern families are tired of purchasing products with too many listed ingredients. Simplicity is increasingly important when buying for their family, rather than scrutinising a long list, time-pressed parents say.

New research by Danone suggests that over half of young people (56%) want food brands to offer products made with fewer ingredients, rising to (67%) among parents of the same age range, who are more likely to buy food products for their children that are made from easily understandable ingredients.


Almost three quarters (72%) of millennial families want products with simple ingredients that they have heard of and 81% are calling for clear and simple labelling of products to help inform their purchases.


When it comes to their food choices, millennials are also increasingly eco-conscious and take active steps to reduce their environmental impact, with three quarters (75%) choosing to buy products made from recyclable materials at least once a week to reduce their impact on the environment.

Almost seven in ten young adults (between 22-37) say they want food brands to align with their ethics and values, compared to 55% of those over retirement age. Additionally, almost one in five (18%) adults in this age bracket have shopped around to find a more ethical or sustainable alternative in the last week, the survey reveals.

For example, Danone has launched a new range of yogurt using only recognisable ingredients – milk, live culture and a fruit layer – and containing no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavours. The products have been designed to accommodate every occasion in the busy lifestyles of modern families, from single-serve pots to family sharing pots and kids’ pouches. The new range uses 100% recyclable pots and the product wraps use recycled cardboard.