Cabinet welcomes ‘imperative’ corporate plan

The Co-operative Alliance at Lewes District Council has put targeting climate change and the acute shortage of council homes at the top of the agenda in their first corporate plan.

Agreed by Cabinet, the plan sets out the council’s priorities and what the authority will do to achieve them over the next four years. 

The Co-operative Alliance took control of the council in July 2019 and moved quickly to accelerate plans to radically cut greenhouse gas emissions and make the district climate resilient by 2030.

Councillor Zoe Nicholson, Leader of Lewes District Council, said:

“The three main areas of focus for the plan are providing leadership to the district on tackling the climate emergency, building homes that local people can afford to live in and creating sustainable community wealth.

“While there is still so much work to do, in a little over six months we have started a lot of action and change, that is helping to build momentum and establish a clear course for the council.”

The public consultation on the document continues until February 17 – to comment on the plan please visit

Councillor Nicholson added:

“I suspect the corporate plan has been treated by others in the past as box ticking exercise, agreed and then left to gather dust on a town hall shelf.  That’s not happening on my watch.

“For all people, our residents, the whole planet, our district, it is imperative that we achieve our goals and whether it’s stopping carbon dioxide emissions or building hundreds of new homes, together we are going to make it happen.”