Operation Blitz ASB updates, Lewes District

This weekend’s mobile number remains the same: 07989 188960

This week’s hours remain the same: 1600:-2200 – outside of these times please continue to contact us online or report to 101.

Always dial 999 in an emergency.

Update from last weekend

Last weekend’s Operation Blitz ASB patrol.

Friday began with the team heading out to the bus station area of Lewes following multiple calls that youths had been causing ASB around the bus shelter and surrounds.

A group of youngsters were spotted and stopped by the team and details were taken whilst they were also encouraged to move on away from the bus station. Details are taken from groups should the same group cause further issues over the weekend.

The team then moved towards the coast after receiving reports earlier during the week that youths had been throwing bricks through windows in the Peacehaven area.

Officers spoke to several residents in areas affected, and stakeholders of the Meridian Centre, to take descriptions and offer reassurance. The team remained in the area although there were no further reports of ASB during the course of the evening.

Later in the evening calls were received for ASB in Seaford, with a group who had caused criminal damage at a local community Church.

Regrettably the group had already moved on, however officers spoke with the volunteers who gave names and descriptions…and officers will now be able to catch up with them in due course!

The remainder of the evening remained quiet with no further calls made to the Blitz mobile number, officers took the opportunity to drop into residents of criminal damage in Newhaven and also drop by park areas on the coast.

Saturday evening the Blitz phone received many calls, with reports from all over the district of groups of youngsters causing a nuisance, as well as acting in an anti-social behaviour.

The team began patrols in Lewes and popped in to speak with several of the local shop owners to pass on the Blitz phone number, and catch up from last night to check there had been no further issues in the town centre.

A further group was seen around the bus station area, however were not the group from the night before, and as such were behaving well and not causing any ASB.

As part of designated patrol activities, officers moved on to Peacehaven to check in on targeted areas of criminal damage. During the course of the evening there were no youths around and no reports were received to Peacehaven areas over the evening.

A call came in for a large groups of rowdy teenagers in Seaford, causing a nuisance around the Salts area, however upon arrival they had already dispersed, however officers remained in the area and spoke with residents about their concerns.

Towards the ends of the evening the team headed back to Lewes. Upon return to the town the team discovered a large amount of criminal damage to parked vehicles in the town centre area. Area patrols were carried out an extensive area search but unfortunately could not locate any suspects.