Flytippers are warned council ‘remains vigilant’ during pandemic

 A woman whose rubbish was flytipped at a beauty spot in Lewes district has been fined £250. 

Lewes District Council took action following a report by a resident that bundles of waste had been found dumped at Chailey Common on Tuesday, March 31. 

Before clearing away the discarded pile of debris, the council’s Neighbourhood First team searched for evidence of the owner. They found correspondence addressed to a person in Burgess Hill and contacted them. 

The woman confirmed it was her rubbish but claimed she had paid £25 to three men in a black van to dispose of it, not realising it would be flytipped. 

Councillor Julie Carr, the Co-operative Alliance’s Cabinet Member for Recycling, Waste and Open Spaces, said: “That is not a valid excuse. Everyone has a legal duty to ensure their waste is disposed of lawfully. 

“Anyone who employs people to take away rubbish from their premises must ensure they are registered waste carriers and should ask to see their licence.” 

The owner of the waste has been issued with a fixed penalty notice for £250. They face prosecution if they fail to pay. 

Councillor Carr added: “Flytipping is unacceptable and particularly unpalatable in an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

“We are in the midst of a pandemic but to anyone who may think this is an opportunity to get away with flouting the law, the message is: ‘Think again!’.  We are remaining vigilant to flytipping during this time of international crisis.” To report flytipping visit You can also download the council’s Report It app on your mobile phone to report environmental problems quickly and easily – include photographs with reports wherever possible.