Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

The patrols began in Peacehaven where they first attended the Meridian Centre where all was in order, however, they did have to give words of advice to a small group in the park by the entrance due to social distancing.

They then headed over to the Big Park where they saw members of the public walking their dogs and did not have any issues.

Newhaven was next on the list and a visit to the skate park in Fort Road, where there were only about four young people there and they engaged and gave advice, West Quay and West Beach were included and all very peaceful at both locations.

They were then called by the control room to attend an address in Newhaven due to reports of BBQ being held there, on arrival government guideline advice was given to the residents.
OP Blitz then headed North to Lewes, they received a call on the OP Blitz phone saying there was a social gathering in one of the properties on the Landport Estate, PC Ross spoke with the residents and suitable advice was given.

They moved on to Plumpton where it was reported that a group were swimming in a nearby lake but unfortunately they did not manage to catch up with the group, plus the temperature had lowered and it was assumed they must have gone on their way. While up in the rural area they were called to deal with another BBQ in Newhaven, when they arrived back on the coast they attended and the guests left.

They were then called in to Saxon House in Newhaven to have a break. While having the break they were called to attend an address in Seaford which was reported to be having numerous guests attend. They spoke with the residents and it was in fact a large family living there, so carried on patrols around Seaford. They did not see any large groups of young people throughout our patrols. So thank you for staying at home.

This weekend’s phone number/s is: 07989188960

Please use the above number/s to contact the team direct to report anti-social behaviour between the hours of 4pm and 10pm on Friday and Saturday.