Here is some news from this very worthy volunteer group that they would like to share with us:-

“We have been contacted by phone or online nearly 550 times over the last 10 days. Some will have been making contact to volunteer, but the rest are either a phone call checking we’re for real, or a request for help. With that simple statistic we can most certainly say we’re making a difference. We’re offering a lifeline.
We’re curing the anxiety of how the food is going to get to the house; how those life-essential medications are going to be guaranteed. We are very consciously aware that many of your family and friends have volunteered, over 150 of you are now DBS checked.
Our dispatchers behind the scenes work very hard to fulfil the caller’s needs as soon as possible. They are working on an even more sophisticated website that will match people more locally , which as this virus progresses may become more important.

We also have exciting developments regarding a befriending scheme
for those most isolated.”