Local Lockdown Lowdown for Monday 27 April 2020

Food banks need your donations – both food and cash:
We had an email from a very kind listener who was moved to ask their fruit and vegetable deliverer to send a second box (which they paid for) to the local food bank.
Kindness, as we know, multiples. The fruit and veg. supplier liked the idea and sent another box (at their expense) to the food bank.
We thank the listener and the fruit and veg supplier – can you multiply this further?

Key messages from Government continue:
• Wash hands often for at least 20 seconds.
• Stay at home unless you have one of the four approved reasons for going out.
• Do not make unnecessary or unnecessarily long journeys.
• Do not let other visitors into your home.

1) Key things from the NHS include attending hospital (by ambulance if necessary) following symptoms of heart attack, stroke or other life threatening event.

2) From Lewes District Council –
Difficulty paying council tax:

3) Natural Apptitude –
Looking for the positives in #lockdown we share our thoughts on a fantastic project we’ve been supporting led by @SussexWildlife – The Back Garden Bird Race.

4) From Lewes District Council (and Eastbourne Borough Council) –
@EastSussexFRS is asking residents to refrain from bonfires. While it may be frustrating waiting for waste & recycling services to return to normal, burning household waste is not a suitable alternative & can result in prosecution of up to £20,000. https://t.co/zizyfPZ6ZU

5) An unusual source of activity cards: The Swiss Embassy –
• Bake pastries, a cake, biscuits or your own bread (if you can get flour)
• Cook a traditional meal
• Write down the story of your life
• Tidy your wardrobe, discover clothes you have forgotten
• Write down five things you like about yourself
• Make amends with someone
• Do or cook something you never tried
• Decide with a friend to watch the same film, discuss it after
• Play Battleships on the phone
• Prepare an indoor treasure hunt
• Learn a magic trick
• Call someone with children and read them a story by phone
• Tidy up your computer and delete old files and e-mails
• Stay away from your phone for three hours during the daytime
• Sing as many childhood songs as you can remember
• Tidy up a messy drawer
• Create a paper model of a landmark, e.g. Matterhorn, St Paul’s etc.
• Pickle vegetables of your choice

6) From Sussex Community Partnership NHS Trust –
Sussex Mental Healthline Helpline is open 24/7 on:

7) From NHS in East Sussex –
If you need an appointment with your GP practice:
• Contact your surgery as normal, and not to arrive at the practice unless specifically being told to do so following an initial assessment by a suitably trained clinician.
• Give an accurate and detailed description of your symptoms.
• You might not be seen at your usual surgery – following assessment you will be directed to a specific site locally to best deal with your health needs in the safest way.
• Patients with COVID-19 symptoms who are not in need of hospital treatment, but has a primary care need, will be given an appointment at a so called ‘hot site’ or ‘zoning practice’ rather than their own practice.
• Hot sites DO NOT undertake testing for COVID-19.
Full details at:

8) Exercise and shop locally – do not take unnecessary long journeys

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