The rise of our canine companions as ‘four legged therapists’ during lockdown

The UK has always been a nation of dog lovers but our pooches are helping us more than ever not only just to survive modern life but actually thrive in it.

We are increasingly turning to our four-legged friends for some comfort and support, with 99.7% of dog owners saying that their pet has improved their mental wellbeing, with now being more relevant than ever whilst life under lockdown causes the nation added stress and strain.

About 71% of dog owners surveyed say their dog really cheers them up, with 76% adding that caring for their animal has made a positive impact on the wellbeing of someone else in their household, according to research of more than 5,000 dog owners by

Where would we be without our canine companions? They are among our nearest and dearest, offering unconditional love and support when we need it most, with 84% of dog owners admitting that they talk to their animal all day long when they are at home. So, it is little wonder that two thirds even call their hound their four-legged therapist. Indeed, 40% have even confided in their pet before telling their partner or best friend.

It is not just adults whose lives are positively impacted by dogs, with 64% of parents saying taking care of them makes their children more responsible, increasingly active (47%,) and kinder (43%), with 39% even noticing a greater interest in nature and the great outdoors, which in this age of screens and gaming should not be underestimated. Dogs really do seem to be the glue holding households together.