As many of us adjust to working from home as our new ‘normal’, flexible working requests post-lockdown are expected to soar, with research showing almost a third (32%) of people believe they are more productive working remotely.

More than half (53%) of UK workers are hoping they will be allowed to work from home when they need to going forward as a third of employees plan to ask their bosses for new flexible working arrangements.

Indeed, 21%  expect to see an end to the five day a week commute,  with a further 5% seeking to work from home permanently — before lockdown, 58% say they were not allowed to work remotely.

It seems that the enforced shift to our routines has suited a lot of families to the extent that they are considering making their new arrangements permanent. About 40% of women and 43% of men say they would even consider reducing their working hours or taking roles closer to home in the future so they could spend more time with their families.

Life under lockdown has enabled almost half (49%) of UK workers to reappraise their values and priorities at work with 13% admitting they are already jobhunting in a hope of finding a more fulfilling role and 16% planning on completely retraining or furthering their education to change careers.

Overall, 41% admit they are planning on changing their jobs post-lockdown in order to pursue more satisfying work, with only around a third (36%) of people saying they feel fulfilled in their present role.

A feeling of helplessness during this pandemic (34%), and wanting to support our communities and country as a whole (47%) are the main reasons for people choosing to make changes to their working life.