Councillor Carolyn Lambert, Vice Chair of East Sussex Fire Authority is encouraging residents to read the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service’s Risk Management Plan that is currently out for consultation.  Cllr Lambert explains:

“Our risk management plan is at the heart of what we do as a Fire and Rescue Service.  The Fire Authority has a statutory duty to prepare a risk plan for which it is answerable to the Conservative government.  The recent inspection of our Fire Service told us we needed to improve our risk management plan and the way in which we balanced risk with the resources that we have available.

Of course, in doing this, we have to take into account the cuts in funding that have been imposed by the Conservative government over the last decade.  The total government grant for the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has gone down over the last decade from around £15 million in 2010 to just over £3 million in 2020, a reduction of almost 80%.

It is important that residents understand that this risk plan has been drawn up over many months by a team of dedicated, senior and experienced fire fighters helped by some very talented administrative staff.  The amount of analysis and the detailed way in which the plan has been prepared has been recognised nationally as an example of best practice and I want to thank those staff for their commitment and the care they have taken in making sure that we have a plan that protects both the public and our staff. I urge all members of the public to look at the plan.  There are some very positive proposals in the plan which the Fire Authority believes will offer benefits for our staff and the public to help keep everyone safe. We have set up a dedicated online email for people to make their comments and to ask any detailed questions they may have.”