Meeting up with your mates at your local pub for the weekly quiz, tucking into your favourite basket meal over lunch or dinner or just a simple catch-up over a drink and munching your way through a packet of peanuts or crisps remains a distant dream with the government unlikely to allow the doors to reopen until 4th July.

Pubs have missed out on one of the hottest Aprils on record and on what would have been one of their busiest summers with the conclusion to the Premier League season followed by the European Football Championship finals and the Olympics.

Landlords are just as lost without their regulars as the communities they serve are. But, it is not just seeing friends and watching sport that pubgoers yearn. Surprisingly, 43% of us crave the pub smell most with 28% even longing to queue at the bar once again. About 30% would happily now engage with a stranger in random conversation while 9% even miss their grumpy landlord and 8% hanker after poor service at the bar.

While the hospitality sector stands to bear the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, 35% of us are determined to return to our locals within a week of them reopening their doors to make good promises of “we’ll go for a drink when all this is over”.

How Save Pub Life works:

Buy a £20 gift card to support your local pub. The pub will get £40 as Budweiser Brewing Group will double the value. When the pub reopens you can spend your £20. Beer money for you, double the money for you pub.

Pubgoers are expected to spend £26.63 on average once they can return but until then an initiative has been set up encouraging customers to buy their food and drink up front on a gift card so that locals can keep afloat.

Visit and make a donation of up to £100 to your chosen establishment. Donations will be immediately given to your chosen establishment and will be available to be used as a voucher once social distancing rules are lifted