For many of us the last few months in lockdown have been incredibly difficult.

While some have been running daily errands or doing food shops for poorly relatives or vulnerable people living close by, others have volunteered at food banks or checked in on elderly neighbours.

For many, giving back has come in the form of clapping for our carers while for others being in lockdown has proved a fun challenge as they come up with creative news ways to fundraise with people organising virtual pub quizzes, donating the cost of their commute or using a staircase as a stand in for a sponsored mountain climb.

In the month following lockdown, not-for-profit fundraising platform Virgin Money Giving processed a record 1.15 million individual donations, the vast majority of which were NHS-focused charity activity.

However, the closure of charity shops and the postponement of charity events, including the Virgin Money London Marathon, is having a detrimental impact on the sector. Many good causes – including those supporting cancer patients, people struggling with mental health issues, the homeless and those with disabilities – struggling to keep afloat and needing to dig into any reserves they have.

New data shows the total donation value, excluding monies given to the NHS, declined by 44% in the month following lockdown to only £7 million compared with the £12.5 million donated in the same period last year.

The picture is bleak for even the top 50 charities by donation value which have suffered a 93% drop in donations during the same period.