Robsack Wood Primary Academy, St Leonards-on-sea

Although not in the immediate area this is quite an important notice just in case as it contains detailed information received from the school.

 Emergency Partial Closure of Robsack Wood Primary Academy on Monday 15th June 2020.

“I am writing to inform you that the academy will be closed on Monday 15th June to some pupils due to a fault within our boiler and hot water system.

Engineers are currently on site and carrying out essential repair work which will mean we will not have hot water on Monday morning and therefore cannot open to all pupils. We anticipate the work will be completed during the course of Monday the 15th June once the specialist parts required have arrived.

We would therefore look to resume provision for pupils from Tuesday 16th June. We will confirm this as soon as we are able.

The following pods will be CLOSED: • Year 1 Lilac • Year 1 Aqua • Year 2-5 Gold • Year 2-5 Silver • Year 2-5 Platinum • Year 6 Turquoise • Year 6 Tangerine • Year 6 Claret • Year 6 Coral.

To confirm, we will be closed to all pupils in these pods, including key worker pupils and vulnerable pupils on Monday 15th June.

The following pods will remain OPEN as these are located in a different part of the building and therefore operating on a different boiler and hot water system:

• Nursery – all pods • Reception Orange • Reception Yellow • Reception Purple • Year 1 Indigo • Year 1 Violet.

We appreciate that this is unwelcome news, but the situation is unavoidable due to the current hygiene requirements around Covid-19. We will keep all parents updated as we have more news.”

For any queries regarding this notification, please contact CS Customer Relations: