This is what to sing on Sussex Day 16th June

SUSSEX BY THE SEA is the county’s unofficial anthem. It was written in 1907 by William Ward-Higgs, the full lyrics are shown below.

The county’s motto, “We wun’t be druv”, reflects the strong-willed nature of its people in past centuries. Sussex’s device shows six martlets. Sussex’s county flower is the round-headed rampion, also known as the Pride of Sussex. the feast day of the county’s patron saint St Richard, has been declared Sussex Day by West Sussex County CouncIl

Published 1907, Herman Darewski, & Chas Sheard in the USA

1st verse
Now is the time for marching, Now let your hearts be gay,
Hark to the merry bugles Sounding along our way.
So let your voices ring, my boys, And take the time from me,
And I’ll sing you a song as we march along,
Of Sussex by the Sea!

For We’re the men from Sussex, Sussex by the Sea.
We plough and sow and reap and mow,
And useful men are we;
And when you go to Sussex, Whoever you may be,
You may tell them all that we stand or fall
For Sussex by the Sea!

Oh Sussex, Sussex by the Sea!
Good old Sussex by the Sea!
You may tell them all we stand or fall,
For Sussex by the Sea.

2nd verse
Up in the morning early, Start at the break of day;
March till the evening shadows Tell us it’s time to stay.
We’re always moving on, my boys, So take the time from me,
And sing this song as we march along,
Of Sussex by the Sea.

Chorus & Refrain

3rd verse
Sometimes your feet are weary, Sometimes the way is long,
Sometimes the day is dreary, Sometimes the world goes wrong;
But if you let your voices ring, Your care will fly away,
So we’ll sing a song as we march along,
Of Sussex by the Sea.

Chorus & Refrain

4th verse
Light is the love of a soldier, That’s what the ladies say –
Lightly he goes a wooing, Lightly he rides away.
In love and war we always are As fair as fair can be,
And a soldier boy is the ladies’ joy
In Sussex by the Sea.

Chorus & Refrain

5th verse
Far o’er the seas we wander, Wide thro’ the world we roam;
Far from the kind hearts yonder, Far from our dear old home;
But ne’er shall we forget, my boys, And true we’ll ever be
To the girls so kind that we left behind
In Sussex by the Sea.

Chorus & Refrain

Some of you who go to The Albion or Central Cricket Ground may also know alternative versions and it is known that the Seaford Town Crier also delivers a local version.

Anyway however you sing, be of good heart on Sussex Day