Another reminder about Face coverings on Public Transport.

Here is the policy from Stagecoach Buses:-

“As we’re sure you’ll know, it’s now mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport in England.  This added layer of protection will help to keep you and others safe when travelling.

We know you’ve probably got a few questions about this, so please see below the most common Q&As:

Q: What is a face covering and where can I get one?

A: There are lots of different options for face coverings, it doesn’t need to be a mask. Keep it summery with a brightly coloured bandana or scarf. As long as it covers your nose and mouth and ties snugly behind your head, you should be able to breathe comfortably when wearing it. 

You can buy a face covering but the Government has put together a guide showing you how you can make your own. Check out the Government guide.

Q: I’m exempt from wearing a face covering, how can I prove this to my driver?

A: Please don’t worry that you won’t be able to travel just because you’re unable to wear a face covering. Your driver knows about the Government exemptions and that some people won’t be able to wear a face covering.

To make sure your journey is stress free, we’ve added new cards to our Journey Assistance scheme that will let you show your driver that you’re exempt from wearing a face covering.

Its quick and easy to apply for a Journey Assistance Card to show to your driver. Just fill in this form to get started and we’ll send one straight to you.

Q: Will my driver be wearing a face covering?

A: Your driver doesn’t need to wear one when sitting in their cab because they’ve got a clear protective screen that acts as a barrier. If they need to get out of their cab to help you or another customer, they’ll sanitise their hands and wear a face covering for added safety.

Click here to view the full range of FAQs on face coverings.

There are other social distancing measures in place for added safety, so you can download your 10-steps to staying safe when you travel here.