Making sweet music, with a little help from the council

Councillors have chimed in to support street musicians with their weekly music night.

Upperton ward councillors have donated £200 to buy percussion instruments for the Hurst Road community group, who meet up once a week to entertain neighbours.

Councillor Robin Maxted said there was a strong community feel in Hurst Road and that it was important to support it.

He said: “A thriving community has evolved during lockdown. Their music night is a great way to bring people together while being mindful of social distancing. The grant will be used to buy a few percussion instruments to allow more neighbours to try their hand at making music.”

The other ward councillors in Upperton are Pat Rodohan and Sammy Choudhury.

The £200 grant was given through Eastbourne Borough Council’s Devolved Budget. It allows ward councillors to identify worthy projects and offer cash grants.

To request funding for your local community project, please contact your local ward councillor.

Photo: Councillor Robin Maxted