Dispersal Orders Issued Across The County

In the past week reports have been received of large gatherings and anti-social behaviour across the county.

Following these incidents dispersal orders have been put in place where needed. Police are asking the residents and visitors in Sussex to take responsibility and to consider the potential impact on others when leaving home.

Police understand that it has been a difficult time for everyone, particularly young people who have been unable to visit their friends in the way they are used to, but the coronavirus regulations are still in place and they are there to protect everybody and save lives.

If you are a parent or guardian, please remind those in your care to be considerate of others who may still health concerns and for themselves to remain safe.

Things to remember:

  • The virus is still here
  • Personal responsibility for potentially infecting others
  • Being respectful of people and property
  • Consideration for those at high risk and vulnerable

Please call 101 if you see anything you are concerned about, including any suspicious behaviour, anti-social behaviour or significant gatherings.