A message from Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health for East Sussex

East Sussex has relatively low rates of Covid-19 infection though in some parts we are seeing slightly raised levels of cases. Like all parts of the country, we have published an Outbreak Control Plan to show how we’d respond to any local surge in cases. 

“In the event of a local outbreak, I or other public health leaders might ask you to avoid certain places or even to stay at home, as the situation is controlled. We’d use this email (among many other methods) to inform you as swiftly as possible of what needs to be done. 

“Of course, I hope this will never be necessary and we can all work together to avoid it. Above all, please:

  • keep 2 metres apart from other people where possible
  • regularly wash your hands
  • immediately self-isolate and arrange a test if you have symptoms of the virus (a new persistent cough, a change in smell or taste, or a fever).  
  • make sure you act as asked if someone from the NHS Test and Trace programme contacts you because you have been exposed to someone with the virus.

“On our website you can see the latest information from the Test and Trace programme about cases where you live. I hope this may reassure you, as well as remind you why we must all stay alert.”

Are you venturing out for the first time in months after shielding for medical reasons? We know it hasn’t been easy for more than 21,000 East Sussex residents who were asked to shield themselves back in March.

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