Public sector pay rise supported by Maria Caulfield MP

Maria Caulfield MP has supported the government’s announcement of a pay rise for 900,000 public sector workers including doctors, teachers, police officers, armed forces personnel, and others.

Doctors and dentists will receive a pay rise of 2.8%. As part of a three-year pay deal reached in 2018, nurses who are still moving up their pay structures will receive an average 4.4% rise this year. This year’s awards will benefit around 69,000 employees.

Teachers will receive the largest pay rise, with salaries increasing by 3.1%. This pay award is equivalent to a £1,250 increase to average classroom teacher pay.

Police officers will receive a 2.5% rise in pay. Police constables will earn up to £1,002 more this year.

Prison officers will also receive a 2.5% pay rise. This pay award will benefit 11,655 fair and sustainable prison officers, and 6,152 closed grade prison officers.

Members of the Armed Forces will receive a 2% pay rise. Since 2017, the Armed Forced have benefited from increases to pay of 7%.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Many public sector workers have gone above and beyond during the Coronavirus pandemic, whether they are in healthcare, the armed forces, policing, or teachers they all played their part to keep the country going. These pay rises are thoroughly deserved all across the public sector.”