Lewes District Council’s determination to create new affordable homes across the district show no signs of slowing as a development in Lewes Town is ‘forging ahead’.

The council’s wide-ranging plan for new homes includes 12 new properties at Saxonbury House, the first affordable housing developed in Lewes Town for five years.

The Saxonbury House scheme will create six two-bed flats and six one-bed flats and will see local residents on the council’s housing register take possession of their new homes in April 2021. 

Councillor William Meyer (pictured), Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“It is very exciting to see this work at Saxonbury House forging ahead, the prospect of new council homes in Lewes Town after such a long wait is simply fantastic.

“We will also deliver two housing schemes in the north of the district in areas that are often unaffordable to most people. 

“This will ensure residents from rural communities can be close to jobs, schools and family networks, rather than having to move elsewhere.”

Contractors are on site at Saxonbury House and on schedule to modernise and transform the well-known local building into much-needed, affordable rented housing.

Councillor James MacCleary, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Prosperity, said:

“When the Cooperative Alliance took control of the council less than a year ago, we made the delivery of affordable and sustainable homes central to all our plans.  I was delighted with the five homes we announced in Newhaven at the end of last year and I am greatly encouraged and excited by the prospect of what is still to come.”