Maria Caulfield MP visits Seahaven Storehouse

Seaford and Newhaven MP has visited Seahaven Storehouse to thank them for their work, particularly during the Covid19 pandemic.

The Seahaven Storehouse is a local food bank which supports families and individuals across the Seaford and Newhaven community by providing them with basic food items. They have seen their work increase during the Covid19 pandemic as restrictions hit many sectors. During the pandemic many people were able to volunteer their time to the Seahaven Storehouse, but as people return to work the Storehouse has seen volunteer numbers drop, despite demand continuing.

If you would like to volunteer with Seahaven Storehouse or to see how you can donate to them, please visit

Maria Caulfield MP said “Seahaven Storehouse do fantastic work for our local community all year round, but they have gone above and beyond during the Covid19 pandemic by helping the many people in need who previously haven’t needed such services. This excellent work is dependent on the many wonderful volunteers giving up their time. Volunteer numbers increased during the height of the Covid19 restrictions but now that many of them are returning to work Seahaven Storehouse is in need of more volunteers. Please do get in touch with them if you would like to volunteer or you would like to help donate food and supplies.”