Please be aware that RNLI lifeguard services are currently limited on beaches in the UK

Following the sad death of a kayaker in Hove, please be aware of the dangers of the sea. Here are some tips from RNLI:-

There is currently no lifeguard service at Seaford or Newhaven beaches. You should exercise caution and follow all safety advice to protect you and your family.

Rips are strong currents running out to sea, which can quickly take you from the shallows out of your depth.

Waves are great fun, but they can be dangerous. They have different characteristics depending on the beach and conditions – understanding how they work will keep you safer.

Children are safest when supervised.

As soon as you get to the beach, agree a meeting point in case of separation. 

We urge you not to use inflatables, blow-up toys and airbeds are designed for pools, not the sea where they can easily be swept out. If you do use them at the beach, then:

  • ensure children are closely supervised
  • keep near the shore
  • do not take inflatables out in big waves
  • never use them when the orange windsock is flying, as this indicates offshore winds which will blow inflatables further out to sea
  • if you do get into difficulty, then stay with your inflatable as it will keep you above the water.

So please, keep safe this Summer and follow the Ss of sun safety:

  • Sunscreen – slop on SPF 30+ broad-spectrum waterproof sunscreen every 2 hours
  • Sun hat – slap on a broad-brimmed hat that shades your face, neck and ears
  • Sunglasses – wear wrap-around sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes
  • Shoulders – slip on a T-shirt or UV protective suit for children and remember to keep your shoulders covered
  • Shade – seek shade, particularly during the hottest time of the day between 11am and 3pm when UV penetration is at its strongest 
  • Slurp – drink lots of water so that you stay hydrated during your time in the sun.