Maria Caulfield MP supports steps to bring key industries closer to trade negotiations

•             Department for International Trade (DIT) steps up engagement with British industry and farmers as UK trade negotiations intensify

•             Eleven new trade advisory groups, covering a range of key sectors, established to provide knowledge and experience

•             Insight and expertise of top business people being used to inform UK negotiating position and deliver deals that benefit the whole country

Maria Caulfield MP welcomed today’s launch of 11 new trade advisory groups (TAGs), as part of a major new business engagement drive designed to support the UK’s ambitious trade negotiations.

As trade talks with Japan, the US, Australia and New Zealand intensify, the Trade Secretary is stepping up engagement with key industries across Britain, including farming, manufacturing and automotive.

Their advice will be used to help inform the government’s negotiating position and deliver key industry asks that benefit the whole UK, including cutting tariffs on products like ceramics, cars, steel and beef, and agreeing cutting-edge digital trade rules. Confidential information will be shared with the groups as they support the UK’s ongoing negotiations.

The new groups are comprised of the best and brightest businesses people from all parts of Britain, from whisky distillers in Scotland to car manufacturers in the Midlands, as part of DIT’s efforts to ensure trade deals benefit all regions and devolved administrations.

Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss said “This is about bringing business closer to the negotiating table and using their expertise to help secure the best possible deals that deliver jobs and growth across Britain. Talks with Japan, the US, Australia and New Zealand are entering their crucial latter stages, so it is only right that we step up engagement with vital industries to utilise their technical and strategic expertise.”

“I want business in Britain to feel engaged and informed about the work we’re doing to build an independent trade policy and how it impacts them. As we recover from Coronavirus we want to strike deals that benefit every part of the country so we can build back better and deliver a fairer country for all.”

Maria Caulfield MP for Lewes said “Business leaders are obviously the experts in their respective industries. They know where their markets are across the world, where the potential is for market expansion and what they need from new trade deals. It is therefore only right that we bring businesses closer to trade negotiations to ensure that we are getting our new trade deals right for British businesses to enable them to thrive.”