Tourist Information Centre to reopen soon at new location

TIC moveThe Tourist Information Centre will reopen from its new location at the Welcome Building in Devonshire Quarter at 10am on Monday, September 7.
This relocation from Cornfield Road allows the council to combine its visitor services into one multifunctional team.
The new centre will continue to offer the same services including ticket sales for Eastbourne Bandstand, theatres, events, bus tickets and National Express, alongside souvenirs.
For more information on these services visit

Eastbourne Borough Council has launched a new fast-track planning advice service for businesses to help them adapt quickly to the many challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Covid-19 crisis has created countless challenges for businesses and the council is helping to address these wherever it can.
This latest council initiative will mean a business that needs to make rapid changes to reflect the new working arrangements as a consequence of Covid-19, can get them in place, subject to an in principle agreement, rather than wait for planning permission.