Since lockdown restrictions eased, thousands of us have been firing back-up the dating apps, eager to end the dating drought but could your eating choices get in the way of starting a new romance?

There is no shortage of dating advice out there but according to a new study more than one in five people admit they decide whether to continue dating someone based on what they ate on a first date.

If you are not “food compatible” with someone you can potentially forget about it. Almost a quarter of singletons (22%) would only consider a future with someone if they shared the same taste in cuisine as them. 11% would decide against a second date based on their date’s food order according to new research from Peperami Chicken Bites.

17% feel so passionately about food chemistry, that they would not go out with someone with different tastes – even if they were a millionaire.

It has long been said that a man’s stomach is the way to his heart, but as it turns out, the same could probably be said for women. According to the research women are more likely to make judgements based on what is on their date’s plate, rather than their shoes, what car they drive and how much money they make. In fact, those who mention food on their online dating profiles are more likely to receive messages from potential suitors.

Looking at the cuisine we connect over, chicken was crowned the most popular dish to tuck into when on a date – with a whopping 46% of men and women having a passion for poultry.

Other foods that are considered ‘safe’ on a first date included chicken and chips (39%), pizza (39%) and steak (39%).

Italian was found to be the go-to cuisine according to 46%, followed by British (43%) and Chinese (24%).

Foods that should be avoided on an initial date included anything with lots of onion (23%), garlic (36%) or fish (10%). Ribs (14%), corn on the cob (12%) and sushi (10%) should also be dodged.

The study also found that it typically takes 18 minutes to make a judgement of someone on a first meeting.